Reentry and Prison Health Overview

Since 1998, Community Voices has worked to address the needs of African American Families with a focus on poor black men and the impact of the criminal justice system. CV host programs, conducts research and participates in policy change at the local and state levels to advance the needs of returning citizens and their families.


MILA: Fatherhood and Family Reunification

Based in 12 Mississippi Counties the MILA Support Program was created to improve outcomes for children of released incarcerated fathers in Mississippi by providing resources for employment, education, legal, housing and health to enable stability and reduce the likelihood of reoffending. While working with youth to increase school attendance and coping strategies.


PATH: Preparing Adolescents to be Tomorrows Heroes

The PATH program is designed to transform at-risk youth  and increase their employability by providing social support through peer and community based mentors, mobilizing service based organizations and resources, and promoting cross system coordination among youth, parents and caregivers, and their community.

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Inside/Out: Addressing Reentry Barriers for Prisions and Jails

CV seeks to be a leader in aiding systems in care coordination and effective reentry supports. Through developing community transition planning CV seeks to contributes to fewer re-arrests among returning citizens.